Baguette Mirror Cutlery Cutlery

Baguette is a classic timeless pattern of cutlery with its very elegant handles featuring a tapered ridge running the length of the spoons and forks. The knife handle has soft rounded lines that complement the other pieces in the range. Baguette would complement any style of traditional and contemporary place settings.

Mimosa Mirror Cutlery Cutlery

Mimosa cutlery has a simple, understated design, that is perfect for entertaining guests and everyday use.

Raphia Mirror Cutlery Cutlery

Raphia cutlery has a stylish, yet traditional design. The handles are curved with soft edges that fit comfortably in the hand. This timeless pattern was inspired by early 19th century design.

Santol Mirror Cutlery Cutlery

Santol is a high-quality, heavier gauged cutlery pattern for everyday use, or for a special occasion. Santol’s striking curved handles carefully balances the need for beauty, functionality and affordability.